The All-In-One Customer Support Software for Shopify Stores

Knowledge Base, Order Status Page, Contact Form, Help Desk... and everything else you need to make your customers happy and grow your store through world class customer service.

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Help Center

A Help Center right on your store (see demo), that consists of a Knowledge Base, a Order Status Page and a Contact Form.

Knowledge base

Create A Knowledge Base, that answers most questions customers have, directly on your Shopify Store. (See demo)

Order Status Page

For many stores "Where is my order" is the most asked question. Let customers look their order status up themselves. (See demo)

Contact Form

If there are still questions, the contact form provides an easy way for customers to reach you. (See demo)

Customize Everything

You can customize everything: the look of your help pages, every text, the URLs and much more...

Help Desk

You can manage all incoming support requests in your Help Desk. Give team members access, and assign them tickets. Answer repeating questions with "canned responses" in one click.

Still in beta

We are still in beta right now. We plan on releasing additional features later this year. Some of them will be features that are only available with an upgrade, but everything that is free now, will stay free.

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